Thursday, January 19, 2012

Call 4G: Anatel rejects request for Telefonica and prevents 'accumulation' frequency

The advisor of Anatel, Rodrigo Zerboni, rapporteur of the bidding documents from the 2.5 GHz band, took the exposure of his vote to give an response to a consultation of the Telefonica.

"Operators who hold today TDD bands, depending on the MMDS licenses, as is the case of Telefonica, which bought TVA will have to give these licenses to purchase the FDD, 35 MHz, and nationwide," said Zerboni, the submit your vote, approved by the directors to the notice 2.5 GHz

In it, the TDD has a bandwidth of 35 MHz and will be offered in a single batch and nationwide. Since the FDD, also nationwide, will have a range of 10 + 10 MHz Zerboni Second, the objective of not allowing higher frequencies is to encourage competition in the post-announcement telephone.

"We want five competitors," he claimed. Watch the presentation part of Zerboni at the meeting of the board of the Anatel on Telefonica's request and on the best use of frequencies.

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