Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Digital TV: Government wants to Ginga in 30% of TVs in 2012

The government sought an agreement with the industry, but was unsuccessful. After three years of fruitless discussions, decided to close the new ordinance that will bring the basic production process for the insertion of Ginga in digital TVs. The PPB, according to government sources, will be implemented in three stages so that the TV manufacturers could gradually replace the existing legacy.
The new ordinance also informed government sources, will be published by the end of January. TV makers will have to implement the insertion of Ginga in 2012 at a rate of 30% of digital televisions that are produced this year. For 2013, this percentage will rise to 60% of televisions manufactured and, in 2014, the government expects 90% of production already admire the interactivity embedded middleware.
The decision was also taking against the desperation of the software industry, Sun has threatened to abandon the project's interactive digital TV before the inertia of indústria.Empresas invested heavily in interactive Digital TV and so far only accumulated significant losses by lack of definition of the PPB for the manufacture of televisions with Ginga.
In the lengthy negotiation only the decision to reach 2014 with Ginga was built for granted in discussions between industry and government. Manufacturers tried to delay the implementation of the swing for 2013, but the government apparently decided not to yield.
Originally, the government proposed to start public consultation on the inclusion of Ginga in 75% of televisions produced from July this year. But this percentage dropped to 30%. There are still 10 percentage points above what the industry wanted - manufacturers plead for 20% and even threaten to go to court, but is well below 50% on the table in recent meetings, which favors a last attempt at compromise between the parties .
As for the term, the industry requires that the manufacture of televisions with Ginga begins in October. What the government decided about the date of commencement of the production process is still a mystery, but there is the possibility of accepting the proposal of the manufacturers.

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