Saturday, January 14, 2012

Broadband is a key point in 4G

The LTE (Long Term Evolution) will reach about 509 million subscribers by 2016, representing approximately 7.3% of total wireless lines worldwide, reveals a study published by Pyramid Research.

Consulting also says that over the next two years, broadband for PCs and mobile PCs will continue to be the key point of 4G services, with the videos being largely responsible for the data traffic.

The study of Pyramid says that actually there are 35 commercial networks in operation and a portfolio of 197 terminals. Between late 2010 and October last year, up 11 times the availability of LTE-compatible mobile devices. Three out of five of these devices are modems, routers or equipment that can be installed on PCs

Currently, scores still consulting about 80% of all mobile data traffic passes through the LTE access via PCs while representing less than 4% mobile subscribers. From 2014, also claims the study, LTE services will migrate more effectively from computers to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

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