Saturday, January 14, 2012

Telcos seek new charging models for mobile video services

The wireless communications industry is exploring new ways to provide mobile video transmission and charge for them, in an effort to encourage use without overloading their networks, said Shadman Zafar, chief technology officer of Verizon Wireless.
The change will happen from this year, involves the executive notes, a new concept described as "droplet transmission", which involves sending a gradual video devices such as tablets.
The system must be accompanied by so-called smart charging, under which the operators do not charge for the download of certain data, Zafar said in an interview with Reuters at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
"This is the direction that the industry in general is looking at," said the executive, who was recently transferred from the parent Verizon Communications to Verizon Wireless. In the matrix, he led the development of the television and the Internet.
Under the model described by Zafar, consumers request a video on your mobile device prior to the time in which they wish to see it. The service provider then transmit the video gradually, so that others do not overload the network.
This would involve sending data off-peak hours and choose routes with low network traffic, said Zafar. In return for further delay, the consumer would not have to pay for the download, he said.
Options such as this would make consumers more willing to watch videos on their phones and tablets, as the largest mobile operators in the United States, Verizon Wireless and AT & T charge for the volume of data transmitted.
"The idea is that consumers do not pay for the download of certain data to transmit because the carrier in a different way," said Zafar.Essa ability to charge different prices for different types of traffic would also have different uses for the operators, he said .
Zafar mentioned the possibility of service under which a content provider attracts new customers to pay for wireless access to a site or service, in a similar way to a 0-800 phone.
"It would be possible to create new models," Zafar said, noting that does have something to build in the cost of wireless download electronic books in the price of these products.

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