Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brazil drops 4.7 tons of cellphones in the trash in 2012

Landfills in Brazil will receive 4,770 tons of phones, including batteries and chargers, dropped in 2012, reveals study by Santo André Foundation. In 2013, the amount is expected to reach 7,500 tons. The figures were obtained based on a survey of sales in 2010 and projections of specialized companies over the life of the equipment.According to the survey, in 2010, sold 48 million units, with average weight of 100 grams in the country. The big problem is that these terminals - with a useful life of between two and three years - are having an irregular discharge. Much goes into the trash, as it increases the risk of contamination, an environmental engineer reveals the Nathália Ailofi de Carvalho, who conducted the survey.According to the researcher, told the Diario do Grande ABC, São Paulo, published in early January, despite the growth of mobile phone sales in Brazil, and the rapid disposal of equipment, there is no adequate solutions for disposal. "There is a bill that requires the standardization of chargers from manufacturers. This would allow the reuse of the piece," indicates a specialist.The study concludes that there are no public policies or companies specializing in the recycling of mobile phones that will guarantee the absence of environmental impact generated by the toxic components present in the battery and other parts of the cell, despite the approval of the National Solid Waste Policy, established by law number 12305 of August 2, 2010 and came into force last year.By law, manufacturers, importers, distributors and dealers are responsible for the life cycle of products. The new legislation also creates obligations for public bodies and street cleaning for consumers. All are subject to fines for breaking the norm.The violations range from $ 500 to $ 10 million. The new law requires all industries and their supply chain to manage these materials, taking steps to correct the allocation and implementation of selective collections. Consumers are also required to comply with the law, returning to your junk mail industry.

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