Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brazilian Government intervenes to curb import of mobile phones

The government seems to make sense pressure from domestic manufacturers of mobile phones and announced on Thursday, 12 / 1, which will require the approval of imported equipment, which is made by the FCC, before they enter the country. According to the Minister of Development, Fernando Pimentel, the measure will be included in the next meeting of the Board of Foreign Trade - in principle, scheduled for 25 / 1.

The government intervention meets a demand of the domestic industry. Abinee, which represents the electronics industry, complains of low production costs in China, made ​​viable by the manufacturers to be installed in the country. In just three years, the Chinese mobile phones, according to data of the entity, have come to dominate a third of the national market.

Pimentel, who announced the measure after meeting at the Ministry of Communications, held this Thursday, 12/01, held that the "massive" imports of low-cost handsets worries the government. The minister also suggested that additional steps may be taken as the change in the current license is not automatic for the gray channel of customs procedures - the most rigorous.

Besides the impact on trade balance, Pimentel stressed that the cheaper equipment have problems with technical quality, and harmful to consumers. In this sense, the minister defended the cooperation of the telcos in the effort. "We can see that the operators did not enable cell phones without the approval of Anatel," he said.

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