Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Funttel receive an additional $ 16 million for broadband projects

After applying 100% of the amount budgeted for 2011, the Ministry of Communications relayed to the Board for Technological Development of Telecommunications (Funttel) feature an extra $ 16.4 million for investments in research and development in telecom. The value comes from the cost savings made by MiniCom throughout the year. "We saved in running costs to a focus on investment projects," said Secretary of Telecommunications, MiniCom, Maximilian Martinhão. The information is the website of the Ministry of Communications.
The Funttel has allocated the transfer of R $ 16.4 million for projects CPqD (Center for Research and Development in Telecommunications) aimed at the development of fiber optic networks for high speed and advanced wireless networks.
In 2012, CPqD plans to advance in three projects. The first aims to develop technology for 4G mobile service. The second project aims to develop a chip for fiber optic networks for high speed, which will allow data transmission up to 400 Gigabits per second. Finally, the center also works on developing a laboratory test and measurement products for fourth generation mobile phones and smartphones, which will help in the certification and approval of products that will utilize this technology.
Only in 2011 were $ 70 million invested by the MiniCom Funttel.

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  1. The reason is a belief that, in such a scenario, where wireless competes with fiber-to-home, the products will naturally diverge again.