Monday, March 19, 2012

Smartphones grow 124% in 12 months in Brazil

The broadband access and mobile totaled 63.5 million in February, up 70% over the same month last year. According to balance of the Brazilian Association of Telecommunications (Telebrasil), in the last twelve months, 26 million new accessions were added to the total customer base fast internet in the country, which means the activation of a new access almost every second.

Of the total 63.5 million hits reached in February, 16.3 million are broadband connections fixed and 47.2 million mobile broadband. The fixed broadband customer base increased by 2.4 million hits in the last twelve months, which represents an increase of 18% compared with February 2011.

The number of mobile broadband access doubled in this period, an increase of 23.6 million new connections. Of the total mobile users, 8.3 million are modems and 38.9 million 3G phones, including smartphones. The segment of third-generation cellular has grown 124% since February last year.

According to still Telebrasil in 2012, 119 municipalities have received the networks of third generation (3G). Throughout Brazil, 2,769 municipalities have fast 3G internet coverage, concentrating 84% of the population of the country fixed broadband networks, in turn, are installed in all municipalities.

The Telebrasil also said that broadband now comes free of charge to students from more than 59,200 urban public elementary and secondary education in Brazil by the Broadband in Schools program. Only in 2011, maintains body, were activated new connection points at 4,506 schools, representing more than 12 institutions connected per day.

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