Thursday, March 22, 2012

Industrial policy: Exemption of networks is in the hands of Finance

Turned reflexively. Pressured by complaints against the digital divide that separates East and South from the rest of the country, the Ministry of Communications rebate from the beginning of last year, with the promise that network investments have tax incentives. In a meeting with senators on Wednesday, 21/3, was no different.
It was left to the executive secretary of the Minicom, Cezar Alvarez, retouch the makeup of the proposal, "detailing" the special tax regime will have a dozen different parameters to measure the size of tax relief, if networks are new, reform of old, replacement, etc..
The only change on this exemption is that, after several ads with the Provisional benefits - basically the exemption of PIS and Cofins in equipment and civil works - not even that date is more under the control of Minicom.
The official announcement depends, now, when the Ministry of Finance to present the new industrial policy measures - in addition to the announced in August last year - as the expansion of sectors that may change the contribution to Social Security by a percentage on sales.
With so many postponements since the Minister Paulo Bernardo said the relief network, shortly after taking office in Communications, also in January 2011, apparently there was no opportunity to be evaluated by IPEA weights made that this movement can be counterproductive.
"It's a relief that can generate inefficiencies, to the extent that their own private operators tend now to extend the rivalry and therefore increase their own investments in infrastructure," he said, in December, the specialist IPEA, Rodrigo Abdalla.
Minicom for the exonerations are needed before the obligations imposed on businesses, which are the most cited example of coverage constraints linked to the sale of new frequency bands, where the auction of 450 MHz and 2.5 GHz, expected now to June

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