Thursday, March 22, 2012

Regulation of the quality of the Internet is, is that companies need to change, says Bernard

Although the issue has fallen silent, the Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo, defended on Tuesday, 20/3, the regulations on the quality of the Internet in Brazil are kept unchanged by Anatel. The agency is still reviewing the request for revision in the rules made ​​by Oi

"The regulation will not change. The only thing that has to change is the attitude of the companies, "said Paul Bernard, after hearing before the Commission of Science and Technology of the House of Representatives, held on Tuesday, 20/03. The minister said that prices "crippling" of sorts in the services and quality of Internet access are a direct result of lack of investment in infrastructure operators.

"The main problem to be solved is to increase investment. There are some accommodation businesses, "said Bernardo, in criticizing the impulse that the telcos are giving sales, no counterpart in the expansion of network capacity.

The minister returned to promise exemption measures of networks, but stressed that public funds, as Fust, should only be used to ensure that the service reaches those Brazilians who can not afford.

"We had to postpone [the exemption] last year, but the Ministry of Finance is in agreement, there were meetings with the TCU and the point we do, what to leave for Measure," he said.

Pressed on the economic position of the bill amending the mechanisms for use of Fust, the minister declined to commit - "the ministry acts in accordance with the government." But limited the potential scope of the measure.

"The Fust is to include those without. At rest, the solution is a sector privatized. We will not give support to the telephone or the Internet, "said Paul Bernardo.

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