Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Broadband: There are still investing in Brazil

During the disclosure of the "Balance Huawei Broadband 2012", on Tuesday, 20/03, the president of Teleco - the company's partner in conducting the study - said the context in which broadband (fixed and mobile) is growing in Brazil. According to the executive, the fixed and mobile services tend to be integrated in the future, operators need to be ready for it.

"In practice, we need a fixed network, based on fiber, which comes to home and cell phone transmission towers. And from there are distributed mobile networks. The last mile will be wi-fi "he says. To Tude, the first sign of this integration are the service offerings currently offered by operators, with access speeds increasing.

The study showed that global data traffic nearly doubling every year - AT & T, for example, it grew 80% in 2011 - and this will require investment in infrastructure. "Mainly because Brazil is well in access, is the eighth in the world in broadband, but density is far more developed countries," said Tude.

Illustrating: the density of fixed broadband in Brazil is 8.5 accesses per 100 inhabitants. The average for OECD countries (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) is 25.5 accesses per 100 inhabitants. It is expected that Brazil reaches 20 accesses per 100 inhabitants, only in 2016.

"To this there is the need to invest in infrastructure, which means coming up with the fiber closer to the house of subscribers," said Tude. In practice, an estimate made by Teleco and Huawei shows that bring fiber to all Brazilian households represent an investment of $ 100 billion.

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