Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cheap and prepaid plans aimed at popularizing the mobile internet

The principal mobile phone operators are betting on an increase in mobile broadband internet this year. The best proof of this are the offerings that range from $ 0.33 / day $ 0.50 / day. With this value, any user can access the mobile web with your cell phone prepaid internet that supports 2G or 3G. Here's what it costs to access the internet on the phone to pre plan.

The interest of this popularity, of course, is not unilateral. Just as companies lower their prices, users from different social classes have more interest in holding the phone the typical activities of the computer. "There is a growing interest in the new class C to use the phone to send messages, which is nothing new, and also access social networks," Albino Serra argued, regional director of St. Paul of course.

According to Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), Brazil's 47.2 million mobile Internet access. The projection for growth of mobile Internet service in Brazil, according to a study conducted by consultancy Teleco, is that by the end of 2012 there are 73 million hits - an increase of 25 million.

To reach this audience that wants to be increasingly connected, the mobile companies in addition to price, take aggressive actions. "The secret is the capillary plus a killer offer. Our points of sale go to the hospital mortuary, "jokes Julian Teixeira, manager of channels of mass Tim

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