Friday, October 04, 2013

Wi-Fi in the squares: São Paulo postpones trading for the day 10/10

The Prodam - Company Information Technology and Communication of São Paulo - adjourned to October 10 for the electronic auction procurement of services to access the Internet by WiFi system for 120 squares of the city of São Paulo (Program Digital Squares - Free WiFi SP).

The reason for the postponement is due to the request of the companies more time to survey the costs of services. The number of local installation of WiFi is high and how each square has different dimensions and location, calculate the values ​​of companies has taken longer than originally planned. Also be made ​​small adjustments of wording to make it clear that some points of the edict were causing doubts.

Coordinated by the Municipal Services, Digital Squares program has the support technician PRODAM and aims to bring Internet access to the main squares of each Subprefecture, distributed among 96 districts, and also for some symbolic landmarks of the city.

Key features of the program

- 512 Kbps connection effective for user to download and upload;

- Quality, stability and guaranteed bandwidth that include various uses of the Internet, including streaming, Voice over IP and video;

- Infrastructure to ensure access to the internet through various types of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, netbooks;

- Management system that allows to detect and prevent possible incidents and fulfill legal and judicial determinations;

- Neutrality can not fail. The service provider is not authorized to filter traffic by IP source or destination, by application or content, except to comply with applicable legislation;

- Measurement of the stability, availability, and the band through SIMET - Measurement System Internet Traffic, available over the Internet for any user.

The initiative, which integrates the Target Programme 2013-2016 of the Municipality of São Paulo, aims to strengthen citizenship through digital inclusion.

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