Friday, October 04, 2013

Telebrasil: broadband access exceeds 114.7 million in August

Number of broadband connections exceeded 114.7 million in August this year, with a rate of 41% growth compared to August 2012. According to a survey of the Brazilian Telecommunications Association (Telebrasil), 33.4 million accesses were activated in the last twelve months. Since the beginning of the year, 28.6 million hits have been activated at a rate of 1.4 new connections per second.

A High speed internet over the mobile network on 3G and 4G reached a total of 93.2 million accesses in August, with 49.4% growth compared to August 2012. In mobile broadband, 78.2 million are mobile phone connections, including smartphones, and 15 million are data terminals, including modems and access to the internet connecting chips machine-machine (M2M).

In fixed broadband accesses totaled 21.5 million in August. Of this total, 2.6 million connections were activated in the last twelve months, an increase of 13% in the period. The number of fixed broadband connections means that 39% of the Brazilian urban homes have high speed internet. The fixed broadband infrastructure is present in every single Brazilian city.

 The expansion also given the network coverage of mobile broadband, which grew 14%, with activation of 412 new cities in the last 12 months. Altogether, the third generation networks are installed in 3,461 cities, home to 90% of Brazilians. This total number of cities that is more than three times the coverage obligations stated in the announcement, we are connecting 928 cities by April 2013. Just this year, 176 municipalities received the 3G networks.

The 4G, which allows speed internet connection up to ten times faster than 3G, already has over 380,000 hits. The 4G now reaches 57 cities, number nine times more than the requirement set by the bidding documents, which was to cover only the six host cities of the FIFA Confederations Cup, met in April

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