Thursday, October 03, 2013

Broadband: few companies have access above 10Mbps in Brazil

Brazil is very late in coverage and quality of broadband for the corporate market , says survey released on Monday , 30 / 09 , the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro ( Firjan ) . Although the average price for hiring of 1 megabyte per second ( Mbps ) speed is currently R $ 48.55 , compared to R $ 70.85 in 2011, FIRJAN research shows that only a minority of Brazilian companies has Internet access faster than 10 Mbps .
For 2014 , the corporate market intended to have universal coverage 1Mbps for micro and small enterprises . The medium and large companies , according to the study , are not included and Brazil does not have a plan beyond that horizon. The manager of the Industrial Competitiveness and Investment FIRJAN , Cristiano Prado , showed that , in contrast, neighboring Argentina already provides a more daring in 2016 , with almost all of its businesses ( 80 % ) with access to 50 Mbps .
In the United States , the plan establishes the universal coverage of 100 Mbps for business in 2020 . In Europe , the goals are also bolder , Prado said . In the case of Finland , for example , they reach 100 Mbps in 2015 , and in Germany , the forecast is 75 % of companies with access to 50 Mbps in 2014 . Among the partner countries Brazil in BRICS ( Brazil , Russia, India , China and South Africa ) , India provides for universal coverage of 10 Mbps for companies in major cities in 2014 and China access to 20 Mbps to 50 % of companies in 2015 .
In Japan , it is designed to universal coverage of 1 gigabyte ( Gbps ) to businesses in 2015 , Providence has adopted from South Korea last year . With 1 Mbps per second, shows that Brazil has the lowest ambition compared to other countries , says the research . " What question asked Prado , is if our ambition is compatible with the space that Brazil would have on global competition ? "
The Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo , the explanation of this FIRJAN manager , said that there are no targets to meet the speed or broadband internet for Brazilian companies . The targets set in the National Broadband Plan ( PNBL ) refer only to household access . Made clear , however, that is open to dialogue with entrepreneurs and examine the issue .
Cristiano Prado told the agency that in Brazil there PNBL inclusion goals . " To offer service to micro and small enterprises , the speed being discussed in the plan ." Most importantly , however , pointed out , is that while the business sector could get 1 megabyte per second , or any similar speed to that, " we would be far short of what is being offered internationally." The world , he said , is already showing some paths .
He noted that there is the question of the geographical dimension , which makes the service in Brazil in relation to other nations . "Brazil is not a small country. But it is important to have goals that can , for example , start with 50 megabytes in large urban centers or major states . Gradually building it Go " .
Prado said the message is that this needs to be on the agenda of the day . " The business sector needs to be within the priorities in the government with regard to broadband ." According to him , this is a competitive factor as important today as is the electricity and gas companies . Means that a company with better access to the internet can do more , faster and in less time than a company here in Brazil . " Argued that there is a regulation that encourages the private sector , with public sector support , so that these speeds are offered , both with regard to geographical coverage and in terms of quality.

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