Friday, October 04, 2013

Government urging the rapporteur of the Law of the antennas

On the day before of the first meeting of the Special Committee of the Chamber which reviews the bill 5013/2013, known as the Law of Antennas, Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo called for emergency treatment to matter because the legislation could accelerate operators' investments.

"The minister highlighted the urgency due to the great demand for the World Cup next year. The goal is to get a vote until the end of the year, but we can not run down content, "said Congressman Edson Santos (PT-RJ), left the meeting with the minister.

Although he avoided hurting the pride of the House politicians, the government signaled that the ideal is the vote of the Law of antennas as it was approved in the Senate - after an expedited procedure. As mentioned, any change would require the return of the project to the Senate and most 'delays'.

The Minicom recalled that the initial idea was a project directed by the Executive Branch, but with the text of Senator Vital do Rego Filho (PMDB-PB) was able to approve quickly. The expectation, however, is that the PL had overturned the law in the first half.

 The main purpose is to shorten the term of the licenses for the deployment of cellular antennas. According to Minicom, municipal permits may take a year to be dispatched. The bill sets a deadline of 60 days for that to happen.

The bill states that "the necessary licenses for the installation of supporting infrastructure in the urban area will be shipped by simplified procedure, without prejudice to the manifestation of the various responsible bodies during the course of the administrative proceeding, subject to environmental permits" - the latter will be treated specific position of the National Council of Environment (CONAMA).

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