Thursday, October 03, 2013

Tablets now account for 35% of the PC market in Brazil

From April to June were sold 1.92 million tablets in Brazil , representing a growth of 151 % over the same period last year . With this performance , the tablets have gained even more space in the computer market , reaching 35 % of the total, being surpassed only by laptops , which accounted for 38 % of sales in the quarter , while 27 % were desktops .
Regarding the operating system , 95 % of the tablets sold during the period were based on Android , against 68 % in the second quarter of 2012 . The share of low-cost equipment , priced up to £ 500, dominated sales in the period , with 55 % of the total. The average price of tablets fell from R $ 968 in the second quarter of 2012 to R $ 628.
" Despite the dominance of cheaper equipment , it is worth noting that manufacturers are making investments to improve quality and avoid the frustration of consumers . In the medium term , this should lead to a rise in the average price of tablets , "said Peter Hagge , an analyst at IDC .
According Hagge , the expected tablet sales in the Brazilian market in 2013 was revised upwards - it is estimated to be 7.2 million units , 120 % higher than recorded in 2012 . At the end of the first quarter , the forecast was 5.9 million units this year . "Brazil is a growing market for tablets , with most users buying their first device. Our market is still very price sensitive , and tablets are accessible to the purchasing power of Brazilian consumers , representing a viable system for basic use and Internet access , "says the analyst .
While home users are the main buyers of tablets - 82 % in the second quarter - the corporate market grew in the period , and the education industry has emerged with great projects like ProInfo MEC . In a little less than a year already delivered more than 600,000 machines for public schools .
As a possible trend in the corporate segment , Hagge pointing devices with Windows operating system . " The Windows entry in the tablet market can accelerate the adoption of these devices by companies to allow compatibility with enterprise applications for use by remote workers and also in the office itself ," says the analyst .

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