Friday, October 04, 2013

A Mobile-First Communication App

Cotap, Inc. has launched its Cotap App for iPhone, designed specifically for business users to easily find and message anyone in their organization with just a tap of a finger.

Cotap was founded by Jim Patterson and Zack Parker, both former Yammer executives.

More individuals are using SMS and mobile messaging apps instead of email as their primary way of communicating in their personal lives. The new app allows employees to adopt this same behavior at work and will help companies embrace mobile-first communication for employees.

“A company-wide mobile messaging system increases collaboration and deepens workplace relationships simply by leveraging the the device in everyone’s pockets," said Patterson, Founder & CEO.

"Smartphone adoption and BYOD policies have created a huge opportunity for organizations to offer their employees a mobile-first channel to connect and collaborate with each other in real time, no matter where they are.”

Key Features:
  • One-to-One and Group Messaging – Start a conversation with any colleague or quickly create ad-hoc groups and include multiple colleagues.
  • Crowd-sourced Company Address Book – Co-workers are automatically added to a single shared company address book. No need to ‘friend’ co-workers or add them to a phone’s contact list.
  • Email interoperability – Send a message to anyone in the company. Users without the Cotap app on their phone can participate in conversations via email.
  • Message a Meeting – Running late to a meeting? Easily send a message to everyone in an upcoming meeting to let them know, even people outside the company.
  • Designed for iOS 7 with support for iOS 6.
With Cotap, employees don’t need to search cumbersome employee directories or exchange mobile phone numbers. Instead, they simply download the app to their iPhone, confirm their work email address and immediately start a conversation with anyone in their organization. From last-minute scheduling changes to impromptu coffee runs, the is designed to meet the needs of today’s smartphone-enabled workers.

In the future, Cotap will release an enterprise-grade solution applicable to organizations of all sizes and industries. As part of this offering, premium features will be includes, such as user and device management, analytics and integration with core IT systems.


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