Tuesday, April 10, 2012

With sights set on LTE in 450 MHz Anatel should defer the start of coverage

Next Thursday, 12/4, the Anatel intends to adopt the final text of the announcement of the bands 450 MHz and 25 GHz, to be held before the end of May. And although the essence of the proposal sent to the public consultation remains, some deadlines for compliance with obligations will be extended, and the prediction of regional operations with the frequencies.

"The goals certainly exist. What we are evaluating is some level of flexibility. The Confederations Cup and the World, have time to happen, then the deadlines of the host cities have to be maintained. But fit adjustments, including the obligations of the rural areas, "explains the writer of the notice, Marcelo Bechara.

One possibility is to define an intermediate step in the goals related to 4G. For now, until the end of 2015 the cities with more than 100 000 inhabitants should be covered, but this step should be postponed to include before, coverage in cities with more than 200 000 inhabitants.

This intermediate step has been the subject of discussions even with other directors, but the writer wants to change, though, some deadlines for the obligations of the rural area, tied, so the range of 450 MHz "Today we only have 450 MHz CDMA, but with the development of CPqD, it will be optimized, "says the reporter.

The idea is thus a signal to the market a little more time for the start of deployments, so that there mature prototype that CPqD develops equipment for the use of fourth generation - LTE - in the 450 MHz band, the ensure that much higher speeds of today being obtained in the test frequency.

There are limits to this, however. The Presidential Decree with the goals of universal (7512/2011), fixed for December 2015 the deadline for individual access is accessible in the rural area 30 km from the municipal headquarters. That is, on that date all customers in the region mentioned should see their requests serviced installation of lines.

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