Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For the Pyramid, Brazil wants to be "actor" in the global LTE

By the end of 2015, Brazil will have more than 18 million subscribers 4G LTE, despite the skepticism of some operators about the country's ability to popularize the technology, clears study of Pyramid Research.

According to senior analyst consulting, Vinicius Caetano, despite the telcos think that the country is not ready to use the new generation, since the 3G is not reached maturity, the option of the government to accelerate the arrival of LTE seems right. "LTE is still in its infancy in the world. And Brazil will follow this growth," he maintains.

The time is up and delicate. The director of 4G Americas, Erasmo Rojas, for example, says that the government was bold enough to put on notice of the auction 4G - scheduled to take place on June 12 - six Brazilian cities that will have to operate LTE in April 2012. According to Rojas, is a term very tight for the planning and engineering for the installation of networks, "he maintains. The arrival of LTE in Brazil and the impact of 4G business is the theme of the 12th Rio Wireless 2012, held on 21 and May 22, in Rio de Janeiro

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