Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mobile applications: 32 billion will be downloaded in 2012

This year, 32 billion will be downloaded mobile application in the world, representing a growth of 38% compared to that recorded last year (23 billion). In all, consumers will spend $ 26.12 billion in mobile applications and games, which means 30.7% more than achieved last year, reveals a study from Strategy Analytics.

The survey determines that the mobile plans will generate $ 82.8 billion for the telecoms world. Worldwide revenue with music and videos on mobile devices also have strong momentum and, respectively, will be U.S. $ 16 billion and $ 2.84 billion. Advertising within mobile apps and games, in turn, Reach $ 2.9 billion.

The data are part of the Strategy Analytics forecasts the worldwide market for mobile media. The company anticipates that data plans and mobile navigation will generate U.S. $ 82.8 billion in revenue for operators in the world this year.

Also according to the consultancy, spending on applications by advertisers in the United States and Western Europe, where there is high concentration of smartphones in the hands of consumers with high incomes should exceed spending on display ads on mobile sites.


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