Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vivo and OI are processed in Sao Paulo to install antennas outside the municipal laws

The Public Prosecutor General of São Paulo has filed a lawsuit against the operators Vivo and Oi due to the installation of antennas for cellular network without the license required by municipal law. The process requires the prohibition of the installation of new antennas without a license, and the withdrawal or regulation of those who are already in operation.

In the injunction is still in trial, the prosecution asks daily fine of $ 10,000 per antenna installed improperly, and compensation for material and moral damages to be reverted to the Urban Development Fund. If upheld the action, operators will have six months to rectify the situation or remove the antenna equipment.

Inappropriate places

According to the prosecution, Vivo has 818 antennas (or Base Station Radio - RBS) located in the municipality of Sao Paulo and licensed by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency). Of this total, 539 have no installation permit from the city council, or that meet technical, do not obey the rules for use and occupation of urban land. Hi have already have installed 881 base stations, of which 710 were irregular - about 80% of the antennas.

Another problem, says the Prosecutor General of the Municipality, is that some of these antennas are installed in residential areas, near schools, clubs and hospitals, which raises concerns about the health effects of people living in those areas exposed to RF fields.

According to a spokesperson for the City of São Paulo, Hi and live have not been cited because the trial judge ruled that prosecutors might be displayed on any interest in being an author with the City in action.


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