Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rural area will have access to the Internet by 2015

In early June, when the Anatel to auction the 450 MHz band, Brazil will have an indication of how the debt will meet with the country's rural access to telecommunications - and especially the Internet. Remember that by "rural" the agency believes the localities in radius up to 30 km from district headquarters.

The idea is to use this frequency band, which, in theory, allows transmissions with range up to 50km, to carry voice and data services to remote areas of the country. The operators argue that the provision of services in these areas is poor and sparsely populated, so far, been reluctant to acquire this frequency.

Hence the strategy of offering the first track on the lot and if there is no winner, selling it so married to another band, 2.5 GHz This is much more to be coveted by the frequency of services designed for fourth generation 4G , or LTE, able to effectively provide broadband on mobile devices.

So, either way will result in the fulfillment of obligations related to attendance in rural areas - where they live Anatel estimates about 30 million Brazilians, most of them even without access to telephone service.

The coverage of these regions will be staggered until December 2015. By June 2014, 30% of the municipalities should have offers Internet access, a high percentage to 60% by December of that year and 100% at the end of next year.

There is clearly nothing that can be called broadband. The initial goal is for speeds of 256 kbps to 128 kbps for download and upload in franchise packages with 250 MB of data. In 2017, the rate will rise to 1 Mbps (256 kbps upload) and the franchise to 500 MB.

"We know that 256 kbps is a low speed, but also have to remember we're talking about where today there is no access," said the rapporteur of the announcement, Councillor Marcelo Bechara.

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  1. This is great! Rural people has also the right to get connected in a high-speed broadband. People who lived there also has a business and it is important for them to keep in touch with their clients far away from them.