Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vivo expands the service offering HSPA +

Vivo will be the first operator in the country to offer HSPA + with national coverage, with the exception of the states of Amapa and Roraima.

The offer will be available in the new plans Vivo 3GPlus Unlimited Smartphone, which comes to meet with the HSPA + network the growing demand for next-generation mobile phones, and Vivo Brazil 10GB Internet, for clients that connect via modems and tablets.

The Live 3GPlus Smartphone Unlimited offers a choice of three options-d 500MB, 750 MB and 2 GB. In the plans of 60 minutes, for example, the client has 500 MB of franchise, unlimited local calls for Vivo and 60 minutes to talk with other operators and local fixed. From the plans of 200 minutes, the user now has 2GB franchise. Packages start at $ 99.00.

In the case of Internet plans Vivo Brazil, the news is the expansion of supply to other states 10GB - modem plans already available for the metropolitan region of São Paulo since November last year.

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