Monday, June 13, 2011

Telcos want assurance resources on new targets for universal

Although satisfied with changes made by the ANATEL in the new plan targets of universal - ie, the withdrawal of obligations related to broadband - businesses, especially Oi and Telefonica still have reservations with the text already approved by the agency and who now depend on the possible adjustments of the Ministry of Communications and the Presidency.
In particular, the criticism remains that most of the devices provided in PGMU 3 is on rural telephony, or the new phone plan popular, is left to regulations to be published only after signing of the revision of the concession contracts.
"We still have concerns about the regulations which will be published after the event, and can not generate any imbalance. Also we have not had access to drafts of contracts, "said the director of regulation of Telefonica, Mark Bafutto.
The Oi, which in size is primarily responsible for achieving the new targets, even lists several complaints - especially the search guarantees that it will have the burden of grant funds (2% of revenues paid every two years) and Fust to pay for the appointments.
"The universalisation of rural areas is naturally deficient. Furthermore, our estimates are that despite the exchange of PUT [Oreillons] and use the balance of the backhaul, we still have discovered $ 2 billion, "said the director of regulatory Oi, Paul Matthews.
Tele still want some adjustments in the text as a reduction to 12 or 18 months to settle the accounts - of which the result of investments with hedge funds - and a change in the base assumptions for calculating the burden of grant.
"Although we have no standard contract, we know that it provides two illegalities: the computation of the 2% [burden of grant] will focus on interconnection revenues, when it should be only telephony, surveillance and forecasting of concealment, combined with remote monitoring Regulation of supervision, "complained Matthews.
In practice, there are views that the criticisms were also consumers, the executive director of Sinditelebrasil, Eduardo Levy, seemed to give better definition to the new goals. "The proposed text is not good PGMU 3. Could you be more clear and precise. But we understand what it could be yet to come to the end of a painful process. "

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