Monday, June 13, 2011

Corruption with impunity in Telebras - Ethevaldo Siqueira

Brazil has no parliamentary opposition. If I did, things could be much more serious before the scandal of overcharging proven Telebras bidding. Check with me, reader. If you think you saw it here on audacity, the reader, begin to change their point of view. Reflect on the significance of this fact: the Court of Audit (TCU) has acknowledged the overpayment of $ 43 million (instead of $ 121 million, effectively proven by Secob-3, internal organ of the court) on the floor 002/2010 Telebras. Still, TCU did not annul the bidding process. Determined that the prices were reduced, re-negotiated. It was like forgiving the thief, forcing him to simply return the wallet stolen.
The impossible happened: TCU proved with all letters overpricing occurred on a state company but decided not to seek the punishment of anyone or annul the bidding process. Even investigating overbilling of many millions, TCU did not annul the bidding process flawed. He ordered the review Telebras prices, reducing the values ​​inflated maliciously challenged on the floor.
What's more, even after discharging the illicit, the minisitro Communications, Paul Bernardo, publicly explain the reasons for the resignation of President Telebras, Rogerio Santanna, saying only that his resignation was due to a reformulation of the strategy of the National Plan Broadband (PNBL).
Given the findings of the auditors' report overpricing TCU, rather than cancel the bidding, Santanna decided to acknowledge the members of the ministers themselves Secob and TCU. Of course, for that reason alone, Rogerio Santanna should have been fired.
We are living in the era of make-believe in Brazil today. So much for TCU and for the Ministry of Communications, or, in short, to the federal government, there is no punishment in the scandal Telebras. Nobody says a word about the overpricing proven. A spokesman for the second step, poker face, asks me: "Scandal? It should be a thing of the sensationalist media. "
Our hope now is in the hands of the prosecutor, who is preparing to appeal the decision in the same way that Seteh Engineering, a company that reported to the TCU overpricing occurred in Telebras.
We're talking about public money, the reader. How many schools or hospitals - or other essential works - could be built with $ 121 million? What is now the federal government? He dismisses the president of Telebras, Rogerio Santanna, but gives no word on a more serious problem and uses traditional desculpinhas, generic phrases to convince us that just doing some "reflections on the National Broadband Plan (PNBL), which still does not take off.
Drowning scandals
It is clear that the episode is even worse than the rapid enrichment of Minister Antonio Palocci, because in the case of Telebras, the facts found by the alleged unlawful TCU - a court that generally does not bow to political interests, especially in the case administration of state enterprises.
Indeed, the history of the "new" Telebras has been a succession of illegal acts of courage, of will and equipping of a state whose past deserved so ashamed. Reactivated without the slightest regard for legality, by decree, changing its basic functions - that in the model state, as the telecommunications holding company, had never been operating. Of course the government, for its ideological guidelines, it could take the initiative in their recreation, but should send the bill to Congress specific.
Reactivated in 2010, an election year, against the Ministry of Communications, the folder to which is subject by law, under all the pressure Rogerio Santanna and his friends, who had a direct interest in the position of president of the state, Telebrás accumulates a mountain Absurd and illegalities. At an extraordinary general meeting, changed its bylaws to allow, among other things, the creation of subsidiaries.
Worsening the picture
In just one year of new existence, Telebrás can further worsen its image as committed in the period of extinction, indecent assault by processes and handling multimillion-dollar severance of their actions in the months before his reinstatement. Imagine what they earned those who speculate, knowing that the company would even be reactivated to the point of achieving recovery of about 36,000% of its shares.
Now, the new phase, the state begins its overpriced bidding, conducted on-the-box, under tight deadlines, without proper consultation with suppliers and customers and traditional sources of government itself, to allow more than $ 120 million by seep drain.
We have not hit rock bottom, my dear reader. Do not be surprised with new scandals. They are being prepared in a slow fire.
It would be very hard to ask that a PT government extinguished a state created, above all, to give jobs to friends. For more naive as it may seem, however, is exactly what we again ask the Minister of Communications and the president.


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