Monday, June 06, 2011

SK Telecom has plan to operating on Brazil

SK Telecom, mobile operator in Korea, presented a proposal to the Brazilian government to act in the Country Company representatives were meeting with the Minister of Communications (Minicom) Paul Bernardo, detailing plans for local operation.
The visit was continuing the conversations begun during the minister's trip to South Korea in early May. At the time, SK Telecom said it has had in developing a specific proposal for activities in Brazil, especially encompassing the provision of broadband.
"Now they came to confirm this proposal. The company is working flat - the staff of engineering, legal, regulatory, "said the minister. He said the carrier's representatives have already made a technical visit to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), and the next two or three weeks, must have a concrete proposal to present to the Brazilian government.
The minister emphasized that for SK Telecom to operate in Brazil, one must still complete some regulatory issues and hold competitive tenders for services. According to him, the company's entry in the Brazilian telecommunications market is important, because Korea has high speed internet in 100% of the households and is recognized as one of the most developed countries in terms of telecommunications.
Paul Bernardo also said that SK Telecom has more than half of mobile telephony in the country and has earned more than $ 80 billion annually. "If they confirm the readiness to play here, we will most certainly move a boost for what is most important for Brazil: losing internet better and more affordable for the population," he added.


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