Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mercadante: Challenge is to transform C & T and Innovation as the focus of development

In the natural knowledge, Mercadante believes that Brazil is already a major player worldwide. But it lacks the country fits into the Knowledge Society. Only then, he said, will cease being mere suppliers of raw masterpieces.

The minister believes that Brazil needs to create a "Embrapa " Science and Technology, especially in the area of Information Technology as a way of creating a culture of research, development and innovation. In the case of oil, for example, cited the case of Venezuela, who was a prisoner of diversifying the economy in sectors of high and medium technology. "We need not make the mistakes that others have committed, " he said.


The minister Mercadante presented to officials of the Ministry of Science and Technology investment projects that are on the way from Brazil. By the end of June, for example, the Brazilian government will receive U.S. $ 50 million in equipment from Huawei, within the $ 300 million to be invested by a Chinese company in Brazil, for research in cloud computing. But a lack of regulation from MCT to use these resources.

In addition, Mercadante believe that in six years Foxconn is structured in the country with a "smart city", which should generate 100,000 jobs in Brazil.

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