Friday, June 03, 2011

Telcos urge adoption of a Master Plan for TIC

From Brazil:
In closing the 55 th Panel Telebrasil, with the release of the Charter of Brasilia, in this Thursday, 02/06, operators stressed the need to create differentiated public policies to expand the supply of services to citizens.
The Charter of Brasilia addresses different issues - such as the use of contingent resources sector funds, encouraging innovation and incentives for the deployment of Internet cafes and telecentres in areas with lower income concentration, but has as a key point, the adoption of a master plan for ICT.
The Digital Convergence provides the focal point of the document. They are:
1) Encourage the adoption of a Master Plan for ICT so as to increase access to services, terminals and content, ensuring the achievement of citizenship and social inclusion of the Brazilian population.
2) Direct public policies to address specific deficiencies and give the regulatory treatment different areas with different needs, encouraging demand for Internet access services in accordance with the profile of the consumer markets, encouraging the expansion of coverage of local infrastructure and conditions service delivery.
3) Promote the simplification of rules and services and maintain the stability and predictability of the regulatory framework, ensuring the continuity of investment required for the upgrade permanent infrastructure to support converged services and quality.
4) To stimulate demand for ICT and promote the expansion of digital inclusion programs, encouraging the deployment of Internet cafes and telecentres in areas with lower income concentration. Allow the application of resources in service sector funds access to information and direct subsidy to the consumer.
5) Next on programs and projects of digital education and training of students and teachers in public schools of basic education and the creation of digital training centers for the population that is already in the labor market as a way to ensure sustainable growth and long-term in Brazil.
6) Apply broad and intensive ICT in the operating routines of government and public services to improve management, efficiency, performance and competitiveness, and
7) Encourage innovation and support the ICT industry, strengthening the research centers and technological development, seeking to meet the demands of the global market.
In an interview with CDTV, Portal Digital Convergence, the executive director of Telebrasil, Eduardo Levy, speaking of the main points of the Charter of Brasilia. The 55 th Telebrasil Panel addressed the issue "Complete Solutions with Information Technology and Communication in broadband - levers for social inclusion and global competitiveness."

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