Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Deficit of engineers leads the government to prioritize career

n the field of training of human resources in S & T, the indices show that Brazil has grown over the past 10 years. But there is still a deficit in training new engineers, leading the government to soon launch a program to encourage specific courses and training new engineers.

Likewise, the country produces a lot of content in relation to scientific research and is well positioned globally in this segment. But sin time to translate these studies into patents.

The provision of Broadband, Mercadante underscores the minister, is also deficient in schools and needs to be increased immediately, as the government needs to increase the number of scholarships abroad to enter the young scientist in major world centers of knowledge.

The Minister of Science and Technology also noted that the president Rousseff announced a program aimed at creating 75,000 scholarships funded by the government in three years. "Especially nanas engineering and accurate, which is where our greatest deficit, " he said.

Covenants are being studied and discussed with major institutions in the United States, China, Korea and Japan, to lead the fellows to do specialization abroad.

Facing such a challenge, the goals that the ministry needs to achieve, Mercadante explained that he supports the idea of changing the name of the ministry, "Science, Innovation and Tecniologia (MCT & I).

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