Monday, June 06, 2011

Broadband, cloud computing and IPv6 networks under discussion in Redes 2011

Tuesday, 7 / 6, experts and managers of media companies and IT meet in Brasilia to discuss issues like the future of telephone networks in the corporate world, new business applications of broadband fixed and mobile, cloud computing and the new generation Internet protocol, IPv6.

The event, Redes 2011, will have discussions with the presidents of Telebras, Caio Bonilla, and Serpro, Mark Mazoni, and the new secretary of Digital Inclusion, Ministry of Communications, Lygia Pupatto.

Beside the technology areas of the State Bank of Brazil and Caixa Dataprev, besides the Cobra, companies such as Intelligence, Huawei, Tropic, Motorola and Oberthur will address the use of broadband fixed and mobile network virtualization and the future of telephony in the corporate world.

The Redes 2011 held in the auditorium of Finatec at the University of Brasilia.

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