Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Despite promises, Wi-Fi grows only 1% in 10 months in Brazil

Despite promises of telecom providers, Wi-Fi goes down in Brazil and is little used for the provision of services to consumers. Officially, only 54 were installed new Wi-Fi hotspots in Brazil between January and October this year, according compiled by the portal Teleco.
Most of them - 32 - the state of São Paulo. Brazil has only 4051 hotspots activated. In the UK, where London will host the 2012 Olympics, the growth of Wi-Fi topped 600%.
In December 2010, Brazil had 3,997 hotspots installed, with St. Paul in 2455 accounting for most hotspots. In October, the state remains the most infrastructure has wi-fi, but counts only 2487 hotspots. Second is the Rio de Janeiro, but also the growth was poor - only nine new hotspots in the year - from 454 to 463.
In Brasilia, although the projects announced by Governor Agnelo Queiroz to use Wi-Fi to create a digital city, there was no expansion. The capital remained the same ACCOUNTING 151 hotspots in December 2010. In total, according to the study of Teleco, Brazil has 4,051 hotspots installed. This represents only 0.5% of the world - 679,821.
The curiosity of the survey, made from the site data JiWire is the expansion of Wi-Fi in the UK - where London will host the 2012 Olympics. In December 2010, were 26,156 hotspots. In October, that number jumped more than 600% and reached 181,153.
Where there was also a significant increase was in South Korea, a country already connected by a modern broadband infrastructure. There, in December 2010 were 26,885 hotspots in October, that number jumped to 83,689. In relation to the BRIC countries, Brazil is 'thrashing'. In Russia, there are 16,678 hotspots activated. In China, 109,488.

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