Saturday, November 19, 2011

3G will be the global roaming of mobile broadband

"Can´t imagine on LTE, 4G without one infrastructure 3G consolidated. Both technologies not rivals" contended  Qualcomm CEO Bill Bold reminding that today 71% population world lacks access traditional Internet.
The executive which this Thursday, 17/11 participated teleconferencing international journalists region charged still harmonization spectrum use Latin America and endorsed use band GSM - 1.8 GHz-to enlarge coverage services Third Generation region.
In its presentation Bold was categorical: The telcos mobile need spectrum to enlarge their services. According data released by executive today American countries Latin rely something between 260 MHz and 345 MHz mobile services. "That pales, need much" defended.
To zoom service offer and release spectrum Bill Bold said is hour Latin America harmonize frequencies. "Several frequencies. Is very to work" emphasized. Qualcomm CEO recalled that for services 2G eg Brazil chose track 1.8 GHz while others countries region including, Chile stayed with 1.9 GHz
"Many bands. Industry knows work it but everything has its price and generates cost. Ideally was having global harmonization. Reduce costs and facilitate roaming consumer" reiterated.
Although industry be with eyes facing 4G, Bill Bold insisted emphasize's crucial role 3G massification mobile services. "3G will pillar new age communication. Without infrastructure 3G no LTE. Technologies not rivals. Need improve services, coverage 3G" said, noting that a promptly, 3G be the worldwide roaming to broadband mobile.
Asked trend
Brazilian operators use the range 1.8 GHz - where are services 2G - testing with 4G LTE Bill Bold said best strategy will use this track to expand supply services 3G. "LTE will used in hotspots. Massification him will take. But 3G is pillar mobile broadband and new age mobility" advised.
Bold spoke still about range 700MHz today used by broadcasters and is coveted mobile operators region. According him this track is right for expansion lower cost mobile broadband in clear defense posture interests telecom. "The dividend digital migration TV must used to popular services. Mobile broadband will one engine economic development" said.
In its presentation Vice President Qualcomm showed numbers to highlight role Latin America. By 2015 region should present one growth 379% in mobile communication. Also highlighted that today 77% world population possesses a cellphone but recalled that in return 71% population lack access Internet traditional.

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