Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4G Americas any general decision on the 700 MHz band in Latin America

4G Americas, representing telcos and equipment manufacturers interested in exploring operations in LTE, made this Tuesday, 22/11, a defense of the allocationfor this service, the digital dividend - that is, the range of 700 MHz to be "released" with the migration to digital TV.

"In the U.S., where the 700 MHz are already used in LTE, there are 3 million subscribers, which gives this age range," argued the head of 4G Americas for Latin America and the Caribbean, Erasmo Rojas. The organization deplored the "delay" of various countries in the region to complete the "analogical blackout" - the end of the migration to digital TV - and called for "urgent action" to "secure the necessary spectrum."

Although not directly mention Brazil, which has repeatedly postponing any decisionabout using the 700 MHz band, 4G Americas advocated the establishment of a"supranational body" to deal with the harmonization of frequencies in the region.

Along these lines, also called the end of the spectrum by company limits andeliminating the use of unlicensed frequencies - except in bands above 5 GHz and, interestingly, argued that the increased concentration in the sector is beneficial.

"There may be cost savings with efficiency gains and scale," argued the consultantJose Otero of Signals Telecom. "The ideal is that Latin America harmonize the use of the 700 MHz band with the United States," Rojas amended. The defense ofspectrum harmonization in the region had already been made ​​by Qualcomm in the press conference held last week

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