Saturday, November 02, 2013

Broadband: providers must guarantee 70% of the hired speed

The new minimum speed limits hired by subscribers of fixed and mobile broad bands began to assert on Friday , November 1 . The goals established in the regulations of Quality Management Services Multimedia Communications ( broadband ) and Personal Mobile ( mobile broadband ) , the providers should ensure monthly, on average , 70 % of the contracted speed by users.In other words , in hiring a 10Mbps plan , the monthly average speed must be at least 7Mbps . The instantaneous speed - that occasionally measured in a measurement - should be at least 30 % of the contractor , ie 3Mbps . Thus , if the provider delivered only 30 % of the contracted speed for several days , must , in the rest of the month , delivering a high speed user to achieve the monthly target of 70 % . These rates are valid until November 2014 and are being monitored by volunteers , selected by the regulatory agency .

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