Saturday, November 02, 2013

Broadband: 4G is equivalent to growth of 3G

The connections of fixed and mobile broadband exceed 43.7 million in 2017, excluding M2M and navigation smartphone and cell reveals the Barômetro Banda Larga 2.0, released by Cisco on Tuesday, 29/10. Growth of 54.2% between 2013 and 2017 must be caused by increasing access to mobile data, driven by major sporting events in the country.

Besides the projection for the next four years, the study conducted by IDC Latin America, brings a detailed analysis of the Internet between January and June 2013, when Brazil reached 27.1 million connections, where the fixed grew 4 5% while moves up 8.7% in the period, with 36.5 mobile connections per 100 fixed. By the end of 2013, the country should reach 28.3 million connections.

The survey shows that the most cost-effective fixed broadband has contributed to the increasing speed of Internet connections. The call 2.0 Fixed broadband with speeds of 2 Mbps or more, increased by 7% in the first six months of the year, up nearly six times higher than the 1.0 bandwidth (128 Kbps to 2 Mbps). 2.0 The Broadband connections totaled 11.75 million in June 2013, with 43.2% of this total are in the range of 10 Mbps or more.

Mobile access, which considers connections to PC via modem and tablet, reached 7.26 million in June 2013. This edition of the Barometer also started to measure the 4G, launched in April 2013. In just three months, this technology has reached the milestone of 174,000 subscribers, a value close to the average quarterly growth of 3G base. During the semester, the 3G subscriptions grew by 6.1%.

Other highlights of the study:

  • The Fixed Broadband connections totaled 10.1% of the population and 33.7 % of households .The Broadband 2.0 exceeded 11.75 million connections , this means a penetration of 6 per 100 inhabitants .
  • The cable modem connections already exceed 31 % of the fixed connections in Brazil .
  • The average speed increased to 209 Kbps in the last six months and 556 Kbps in the last year . The main reason for this increase was the introduction of high speeds at most competitive prices with good market acceptance.
  • Operators are focusing offers the intermediate velocities ( 2Mbps ) and upper ( 5Mbps + ) , R $ 64 average price charged for access during raised . With this, the user experience has improved and digital media , content and B2C should be increasingly exploited .
  • The corporate user has also stimulated the increase of broadband in the country , with the demand for cloud-based applications , as well as other factors such as data centers , big data and mobility.
  • Of the total 43.7 million connections ( fixed and mobile ) in 2017 , the mobile account for 36 % and broadband connections will reach 2.0 % of the 72 fixed .
  • The installed base of devices will grow by 26 million between 2013 and 2017 . An increase of over 30 % compared to the end of 2013 . This will drive the adoption of broadband (all speeds), which will grow by about 15 million . The growth in the number of devices per connection will boost the supply of higher speeds .  

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