Saturday, November 02, 2013

4G: According to Anatel makes TVs for allocation band 700 Mhz

Earned the scolding of TV broadcasters. When deciding on the regulation with the allocation of the 700 MHz band, this Thursday, 31/10, the Anatel found a way out: approved standard, but it only comes into effect after the compliance demands of broadcasters, ie solutions to interference and channel redesign.

"The bid band can only occur to the extent that issues are resolved coexistence," said the draftsman, Rodrigo
Zerbone explaining that "this resolution only come into effect as well as the Regulation on the date of publication of the notice."

 As reminded Marcelo Bechara, "this auction is not just booster of wireless broadband in the fourth generation in a band that should be exploited for this. But there is another question, which is the transition of the Brazilian digital TV. And the question is how to encourage compatible with a segment also scanning service as important as the other. "

Overcome the 'diplomatic crisis' with television, the use of the 700 MHz band for mobile broadband will bring news. First, it confirms the idea of ​​sharing the model RAN Sharing for smaller cities - with a surprise: the agency indicates that not only will allow sharing of equipment, but also the spectrum.

The rule does not define on how small are the cities that could have RAN Sharing at 700 MHz, but as already indicated the counselor Jarbas Valente, the idea is that the locations of up to 30 thousand inhabitants that possibility is feasible, even with a single carrier administering the 40 +40 MHz

Otherwise, in the larger cities than the cut line - yet to be clearly defined in the same announcement, the cap was fixed at 10 to 10 MHz carriers - which in practice means that there are conditions of each of the four major telcos take your loaf mobile spectrum.

Another novelty is that although the preferred setting for systems FDD, TDD systems may be allowed, provided of course that such solutions do not cause harmful interference. FDD and TDD duplexing and forms are generally associated to fixed and mobile solutions, respectively.

It was also guaranteed in the regulation a slice of the 700 MHz band for security activities - Police and Armed Forces. This share will be at least 5 +5 MHz, although foreseen the possibility of the edict to bring a loaf bigger than that.

Finally, it is expressly mentioned in the regulation that the telecom operators should "bear the costs of redistribution and the solutions to the problems of harmful interference in radio systems."

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